4-Wheel ATVs For Fun - And Work

Man riding a 4-wheel ATV
Hoooo boy!

It sure feels good
  to have that hot ole engine
  down there purrin'

Jus' touch that th'ottle
  an' boy! this here baby'll
  scoot clean up the mountainside!

Hah! Lookit them squirrels run!
  Bet they can hear my ass comin'
  Fer a mile or two!

Man, what a view! I jus' love
  lookin' back where I come from
  an' seein' that I been there.
  Ya' know what I mean?

See all that mud
  in the creek down yonder?
  That's my mud!

An' that tire track
  up the middle of the trail?
  I done that!

It'll do those sissified
  backpackers a load of good
  to get a little mud on
  their fancy-dancy hikin' boots!

Sure is quiet up here...
  Say - lissen to them birds sing!
  I wonder why I don't come up here
  more often.

Ain't nobody tellin' me what to do
  No goddam Smoke Bear
  trash can patrols

I like a few beer cans and shit
  layin' around.
  Makes a place feel more like home

If ya' know what I mean

Like somebody else has already
  been there or somethin'...
  Feels sorta friendly-like

What The Hayull???

Sounds like some asshole
  ridin' a goddam motorcycle up here
  or somethin'

Who's he think he is, anyway?

I foun' this place first
  an' I sure as shit didn't
  ride way the hell up here

Just to lissen to some dildo
  ride a fuckin' motorcycle
  fer chrissake!

He oughta keep that damn thing
  on the road
  where it belongs

Can't a man jus' get away
  from that shit
  jus' once in a while?

I wonder if there's anyplace
  you can go an' jus' get away
  from everybody

I mean somewhere besides the South Pole
  Even if ya' had to walk
  it might be worth it...

I wonder how much beer I can carry...

(c) Michael Lowe Wright 5/15/1986