What You're Really Thinking

Well, hello! Haven't seen you in a while!
How are you tonight?
You're always a welcome sight.
Oh, you're so mysterious!
Are you ever serious?
Sometimes I wonder
What you're really thinking.

I love it when you
Put your arm around me like that
I forget that your touch
Affects me so much
You know I'm attracted
Don't act so distracted
Please tell me
What you're really thinking

You know, I wish you wouldn't
Dress it up with rhymes
I think the poetry
Is just a way
To lead me astray
So you won't have to say
What you're really thinking

I look into your eyes
And I think I'm gonna fall
Into those pools of blue
And if I do
Will you let me founder there?
Do you care?
Why won't you tell me
What you're really thinking?

Please don't flash that charming smile
I'll forget what I'm saying
What game are you playing?
It's important that you hear me
Now - while you're near me
Can't you tell me
What you're really thinking?

Some people have barbed wire
I guess you have your wit!
Does it even have a gate?
Give it to me straight:
What's down that private drive?
Don't keep me out,'cause I've
Just got to know
What you're really thinking.

Well, there you go
I'll see you next time, I guess
Did I come on too strong?
Is my attitude wrong?
Are you really so cool?
Would I feel like a fool?
If I found out
What you're really thinking?

(c) Michael Lowe Wright circa 1988