Linear Growth

Graph of the function y = x + 1

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y = x + 1

This function represents a process of growth which always adds the same relative amount. In this, the most simple case, it adds one unit, whether that unit is from 0 to 1, or from 1000 to 1001. When you connect the dots, you get a straight line, which is why this type of function is said to be linear.

With a linear function, when you change x by some amount, y always changes by the same relative amount, no matter what the actual value of x is. The rate of change in a linear function doesn't depend on what value you change from. Even multiplying x by some constant number within a function still yields a straight line.

Arithmetic proportion is always represented by a linear function.

All the values that will ever appear on the 'x + 1' side of our equation will be somewhere on this green line.

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